Cheyne Industries Inc. -A Canadian CleanTech Company

Worker Fabricating

One person's garbage . . .

In today’s world we have become a consumer society meaning that we often throw away unwanted parts, material, or devices and purchase new ones. With the high cost of some resources such as steel, Cheyne Industries has been using salvaged metallic waste to Up-Cycle raw material and fabricate custom built processing equipment.


In addition to our D2D Commitment about making each step of our processing truly CleanTech, we are also demonstrating that too much waste is being created today which simply ends up in a landfill – waste which still can serve a purpose and save costs.


What is the ‘real’ cost of a piece of flat-bar steel?

If you think about the life-cycle of steel you must consider the mining from raw ore, the energy used to excavate, crush, ship, purify and refine the iron ore, then added energy to create steel, cutting & shaping, shipping & warehousing, then the time and energy that someone else used to cut, shape, and weld the piece into place. Now consider that after a few years it simply gets tossed into a landfill. The steel is still strong and can be reused or reshaped to remove rust and serve a function again.


If you have unwanted steel, metallic waste, hydraulic parts, or motors, please consider donating them to us. We will come pick them up and are happy to re-purpose them into new machines that we use for processing clay or other materials at our facility. Thank you!