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Cheyne Industries is committed to developing new, innovative CleanTech products from natural clay deposits sourced within the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality which are free of chemicals, acids, and are environmentally safe.


Currently we have installed a Pilot Plant in Fort Nelson, BC which is focusing on developing environmentally safe and scalable manufacturing processes to produce our products on a larger scale for case studies in 2023. From Digging to Disposal, we are changing the way products are developed with a focus on Environmental Impact with every stage . . .


Our patented Adsorbent offers a very affordable and highly scalable nutrient removal solution for Water Bodies of various sizes and levels of contamination from Phosphorus and Phosphonate Compounds such as Glyphosate Herbicides (Roundup). Reducing Phosphorus levels can slow Algae growth and restore aquatic habitats . . .

research & development

In early 2022, Cheyne Industries was awarded a MITACs Elevate partnership with UNBC allowing us to employ a full-time expert in chemical manufacturing to improve our end product and refine our manufacturing methods. Through partnerships in various Industrial Sectors, we aim to complete our Case Studies in early 2023 in various applications . . .

continued research & development

academia backed research, product development and testing

Since 2017, founder Robert Cheyne has been investigating natural clay deposits in North-East British Columbia. In 2018, Cheyne partnered with UNBC through a MITACs Accelerate project to profile the properties and characteristics of many natural clay sources.

Exploration and Product Development continued through to the end of 2020 resulting in a prototype adsorbent which exceeded expectations giving confidence that some natural clay deposits could be modified and formulated affordably suggesting commercial viability. Research is continuing in 2022 & 2023 to take the prototype to full-scale development.

our vision

Cheyne industries CREATING LOCAL OPPORTUNITIES from exclusive natural resources


Our product is sourced and manufactured in Fort Nelson, B.C. which has been severely impacted by recent industry down-turn and job losses. Our vision is to create sustainable products and sustainable jobs that directly benefit our area with economic opportunities in processing, manufacturing and global exports

Worker Fabricating

Our mission is to develop a new natural resource

We are investing in developing innovative products from ancient ocean bottom mineral deposits which are unique to our area guaranteeing jobs for our area 


Unique deposits tested to date


Kilograms of Product being produced for Case Studies

$ K+

Investment Dollars committed to date

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